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Cpu temp issue

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3 years ago#11
Psythik posted...
When in doubt, trust RealTemp's values.

Realtemp wont work with this cpu it's not supported. Part of what I don't understand is why the idle is so high and yet it doesn't go over tjmax when at max load for and hour . The highest I've seen it was at 68c. If idle temp is that high shouldn't max temp be much higher then what it is?
3 years ago#12
3 years ago#13
Anyone know whats wrong?
3 years ago#14
I changed the cpu to a pentium d 945 idle is now at 41-42c and max load is around hovering at 60-61c and peaked a few times at 62c before going back down to 60c. I'm using arctic silver 5 so the temps should drop some during the curing period. Maybe there was something wrong with the other celeron?
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