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For those with some experience with Early Access games, some thoughts wanted.

#11Custers_RevengePosted 1/26/2014 5:48:20 PM
I have over a dozen games from Kickstarter or later crowd funding like games that have open PayPal funding after KS ended. So I've played some alpha and beta versions of those and a few came to Early Access. It's cool getting to see what the game is like in playable form, obviously I prefer it when it's closer to beta where most of the game is there, it's just bugs that need to be worked out. I did get Mercenary Kings a while back, I saw Screwattack streaming it and the game looked really fun. It really is great, it's everything Metal Slug should have been after part 3.
#12happyscrub1Posted 1/26/2014 5:53:11 PM
Prison Arctitect and Infested Planet are the only early access games that I felt like the developer didn't just half ass after they got people to buy the game. They get updates regularly.

All the others felt like a cash grab. I don't it in 2013, I won't be doing it in 2014 (unless I REALLY want to support a developer).
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#13Zohar_MetatronPosted 1/26/2014 6:13:31 PM
I mean, I have a page full of information presented to me about the game-they are not hiding its progress, and if they ARE, that right there's a red flag. There's usually enough info on the store page to decide if something looks worth spending time and money on now, or the odds of it being continued/finished, etc.
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#14Damaged7Posted 1/26/2014 8:40:14 PM
dermoratraken posted...
I've never done it because it's a horrible financial decision. It's like an investment where you take all the risk and have no chance of profit. The best possible outcome is that you like the game, which would have happened anyway.

Or its a fine financial decision. You get to invest in a game and experience the changes as it grows. The best possible outcome is that you like the game and have contributed to its completion or possibly have an even deeper respect for the game or developers.
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