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No base driver?

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2 years ago#1
So a girl at work just got a laptop off somebody for $50. Its a HP9000 laptop. Im going on the info she has mentioned to me.

According to her the speakers don't work and the battery lasts 10 minutes. My first response is don't bother. Even for $50.

But she went and got it anyway. She said that its keeps telling her the base driver is missing. Any idea as to what this could be? She is bringing it to me tomorrow to look at it. Im the only person at work who even knows how to use a computer.

I figured maybe I could get some help her to maybe get an idea as to what it might be, before I can actually get my hands on the laptop. I know Ive given very little info and im not expecting much help, but I figured id give it a shot.
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2 years ago#2
Sorry I must have misread something, where was the sandwich?
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2 years ago#3

"HP 9000 is the name for a line of workstation and server computer systems"
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