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What was your first RPG?

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User Info: exitwound5480

3 years ago#221
psyduck151 posted...
Breath of Fire!

Game is long gone but I still have the strategy guide :)

User Info: The_Despair

3 years ago#222
Link's Awakening on my old GameBoy pocket!
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User Info: Wulg

3 years ago#223
hmm Zelda is an adventure game not really an RPG

User Info: MightyGroudon

3 years ago#224
Tecmo: Secret of Stars for the Super NES. I didn't even know what an RPG was at the time. Rented so many times before buying.

User Info: Zane_Rapture

3 years ago#225
Final Fantasy 7
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User Info: DCdemonic1

3 years ago#226
Ultima on the Apple II, man am I getting old.

User Info: Maximoom

3 years ago#227
Maybe D&D Tower of Doom on arcades, I cant say for sure, was like 20 years ago.

User Info: Lodiss

3 years ago#228
Dragon Warrior
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User Info: synthostars

3 years ago#229
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest........
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User Info: DV8ingSources

3 years ago#230
Man so much nostalgia in this thread. Played a lot of rpgs apparently.
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