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Recommend me a rpg

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2 years ago#1
Have been playing too many action shooter games lately, i am wanting to get back to my rpg roots.
what are some really good rpgs on steam?
I have played the **** out of skyrim and every other bethesda game already.
2 years ago#2
Kingdom Come: Deliverance by Warhorse Studios
2 years ago#3
ukemandwnbu posted...
Kingdom Come: Deliverance by Warhorse Studios

Looks cool but not even released yet.
2 years ago#4
you cant go wrong with the witcher series, or dragon age origins
2 years ago#5
Divinity 2
Baldurs Gate
Might and Magic X

All great and quite different.
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2 years ago#6
I would say Deus Ex, but it's a shooter. Sooooo

Kingdoms of Amalur? And it's 70% off right now.
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2 years ago#7
Mount and Blade Warband
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2 years ago#8
DV8ingSources posted...
Divinity 2

i started playing this less than a week ago and im torn on how i feel about it. decent combat, so far i like the loot system, different rarities, set pieces, new models for everything so your character actually changes appearance based on what you equip. good stuff.

but then theres the fact that this game was CLEARLY never given a once over for polish, in any way at all. the game starts and just throw you into it without any information on even the basics of the gameplay. incredibly vague quest descriptions. super easy to stumble into a situation that leads to you get your **** pushed in(not really a "bad" thing, just annoying because unless you F5 every 20 second you can be screwed because it only auto saves when you do story content) then you loot "keys" and have no idea what its actually for. had that plenty of times already. the whole mindreading for XP thing just gets mentioned for 5 seconds at the start of the game, but you can mindread almost anyone, and half the time they say something useless meaning you just gave up XP and got nothing in return. and my personal favorite is when you walk into a room, assume you did everything and try to leave but the door is now locked, so now you have to walk around the room trying to find whatever you can interact with that you missed, in hopes of figuring out some puzzle just to leave the damn place
2 years ago#9
final fantasy
2 years ago#10
steker16 posted...

Sounds like you want your hand held. That is the last thing I want from an rpg. I want to discover everything on my own and occasionally be able to put myself in a situation that is not winnable. The keys are always for the dungeon you are in and the mechanics are simple. The quests are not really vague unless they are quests that involve a lot, like story related quests. Those will be completed over time. If you don't enjoy finding out new aspects of the game, I don't know what kind of rpg's you would enjoy. This isn't meant to be insulting by the way, it's just that your complaints seem to be contrary to my own.
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Steam: DV8ing1
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