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Buying these parts a good or bad idea?

#1MelenatorPosted 2/1/2014 10:36:14 AM
I have an semi older "home" desktop and based on system requirements for most games I just need to upgrade my video card and CPU.

Here's a video card I was looking at, but I'm worried it's too cheap:


If I buy these for now will I finally be able to run the newer games, or am I just completely wrong on the matter? Is adding parts to a home computer even practical?
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#2fataliPosted 2/1/2014 10:47:16 AM(edited)
No, just no. That video card is not faster than your integrated graphics. You won't be able to run anything better than you can right now.

And for the processor, you need to check compatibility with your motherboard, even if it seems that both use the same socket, many times an older board can't work with newer processors.
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#3godplaysSNESPosted 2/1/2014 10:46:03 AM
The graphics card is bad, wasn't good even at its release. If you get a graphics card today, you should get at least a HD 7750 IMO.
The CPU isn't that good either, also only a dual core. I'm doubtful your current motherboards even supports it.

Give us your current specs. There's a chance you can get a cheap but significant upgrade.
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#4Melenator(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2014 11:00:07 AM(edited)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000+ 2.10 Ghz
64 bit
Nvidia Geoforce 9400 GT2
Its a Dell Inspiron 5315

That's what I got now, and can surprisingly run Bioshock games (except infinite which is my main reason for trying to upgrade), Fallout, and Skyrim pretty well. I just need a bare minimum upgrade for now until I can go all out on really good rig. As long as I could play games at minimum requirements I'll be a happy man.
#5ShubPosted 2/1/2014 11:41:57 AM
Nope, don't do it.
The video card is a sidegrade at best and the CPU will simply not work with your motherboard.
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#6Melenator(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2014 12:12:07 PM
Any suggestions? I'm kind of lost on the compatability aspect.
#7fataliPosted 2/1/2014 12:38:47 PM
The suggestion is that you need to save up and get a new motherboard, cpu and video card.
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#8godplaysSNESPosted 2/1/2014 1:06:04 PM
If you open the case, is there a model name for the motherboard? If you are somewhat lucky, there's a chance you can insert a Phenom II X4...Hard to know with pre-builts, have to search specifically after it
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#9foodeater4Posted 2/1/2014 1:38:38 PM
If your power supply has an available PCIe connector, a GTX 650 (or radeon equivilant if price is similar) would be a fine card for that machine. I wouldnt go for anything more expensive or powerful.