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is it worth upgrading to windows 8.1 for gaming?

#11darkstar4221Posted 2/2/2014 4:24:26 PM(edited)
Treason686 posted...
I can't really say.

You didn't say what you're running now. If you're running 7, I really can't recommend 8 whatsoever. It's a turd. It will go down as one of the biggest flops ever. Rumors are that MS is already working on a new OS to be released in 2015.

If you're already running 8, I can't think of any reason not to upgrade to 8.1. I don't recall having trouble with any games except Freedom Force, which has had issues with Vista and up.

Considering Titanfall isn't even released yet, I would bet a month's salary that it will work on 8.1 at launch.

Windows 9 will be worse than 8 I bet. Yet Microsoft will still be able to garner billions of dollars selling bad software.
#12EpicKingdom_Posted 2/2/2014 4:32:34 PM
I might hate it, but I will do it if it truly is a performance upgrade. Big or small, doesn't matter.
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