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II damaged my gpu (not sure how serious) please respond...

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3 years ago#21
monkmith posted...
well if its small and you are careful you can probably clean it off with some isopropyl alcohol (>=90%). just use a cotton swab dipped in the alcohol, and remember to let the mobo dry afterwards.

I'll 2nd this. I used qtips and isopropyl alcohol to clean some thermal paste(we'll just say I overdid it on my heatsink install) off of my motherboard and everything was fine.
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3 years ago#22
Oh sorry i forgot to update the topic, i thought i did(I must have just forgot to hit post message lol). Everything worked out fine, no bsod, or any crashes. I have been running games on ultra with normal temps, no artifacting/screen tearing so everything is fine. I have not had too much time to play earlier in the week which is why i waited to post(thought i posted into this yesterday tbh) but the last couple of days i got some good long gaming sessions in and nothing has gone wrong. Thanks for the help which at least made me feel more comfortable with my mistake.
3 years ago#23
Awesome. I knew it it was gonna work out.
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3 years ago#24
Psythik posted...
Awesome. I knew it it was gonna work out.

Thanks makes me feel better knowing someone hoped/knew i would not have a problem. Sorry to keep you waiting with the suspense.
3 years ago#25
Just for the record, the way PCI Express works, you could chop off part of a video card's connector so it would fit in a PCI Express x1 slot, and the card would still work (you just wouldn't get full performance out of it).
People have experimented with the performance of a PCI Express x16 card running in x8, x4 and x1 mode. x1 mode performance was severely degraded, x4 moderately so, x8 minutely so. It's been some time since those tests were made but I don't think things would have changed a lot.

In any case, it looks like you're fine.
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3 years ago#26
What would happen if you cut off enough pins to have it run at an odd number, say 9x?
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