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Windows 8.1 Pro Student only for Windows 7 users?

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1 year ago#1

It says
Important: Windows 8.1 Pro full version is for Windows 7 users only.

What does that mean exactly? All you get is a cd key after all, which should naturally work any Pro installer.

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1 year ago#2
For whatever reason MS only wants people to install 8 over an old version of windows and it won't install on its own unless you already have an OS installed. I'm 99% sure you can just do an install with any 7 iso you have laying around and just not register it, then perform the windows 8 upgrade install and register it normally with your student key.

There is a workaround to do a truly clean install of 8 but I've never cared enough/had a reason to use it.
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1 year ago#3
Nowhere does it say upgrade version and it even says Full version, but they certainly imply that it's an upgrade.
1 year ago#4
No, according to their customer support which I asked this question a few weeks back. They said as long as you can download the ISO file to install the OS on any system with a USB, you don't need an OS already installed to upgrade to. You just need access to the internet and to download the files needed.

I never ended up purchasing though, so I can't say the process.

The person I spoke with seemed to follow-up with just saying that part of the description is only in regards to IF you're upgrading from a previous OS to 8.1 Pro, you would have to have Win 7 and can't do so directly from Vista/XP/ have to upgrade to 8 Pro first THEN upgrade to 8.1. That's all that part of the description is about, NOT if you're installing just Windows 8.1 Pro from no previous OS.

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1 year ago#5
Yea like the above said. If you just click the link in the description for Windows 8 Pro student edition it is the same price. After you install Windows 8 Pro you can update it to 8.1 for free. So basically its just more steps to get to the same place but the same price.
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1 year ago#6
Huh, well thanks for the information. Talk about a misleading description.
1 year ago#7
With the information you have now reread it, its pretty straight forward.
i7-4770k@4.2GHZ | L337 GAMING Z87H3-A3X | GTX 760 2GB | 8GB DDR3
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