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Ad Block vs Ad Block Plus?

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User Info: LaManoNeraII

3 years ago#1
Let's get down to the brass tacks:

What the hell is the major difference between the two? From what I'm reading, AB+ blocks YouTube ads but AB does not? Is that it? Which one should I use?
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User Info: LordSeifer

3 years ago#2
do you want to block youtube ads or do you not want to block youtube ads
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User Info: Super_Thug44

3 years ago#3
Whichever one is free. I don't know what I have but I didn't pay for it and I never have to watch YT ads.
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User Info: Dirk85UK

3 years ago#4
Get adblock plus and adblock plus pop-up add on.
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User Info: kbe2k2

3 years ago#5
Adblock Edge.
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