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Quick question regarding ssd vs hdd for gaming

#1Maxo996Posted 2/8/2014 5:21:22 PM
Besides better loading times with an ssd would there be much gameplay difference with a 7200 rpm external hdd with a usb 3.0 connection? Aka, I want to store pretty much all my games on my external hdd and leave my ssd open for OS, programs, etc.
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#2LootmanPosted 2/8/2014 5:29:11 PM
it's only load times
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#3PhilOnDezPosted 2/8/2014 5:43:23 PM
Some games have choppy framerates while things are loading outside of a loadscreen, Bioshock Infinite and Skyrim come to mind, but even on a mechanical drive I didn't think it was too bad. Had I not known it was an issue I probably could have ignored it or just chalked it up to a particularly demanding segment. In BI it was less than a second each time it happened and I'm sure I missed it happening several times.
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