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MSI Z87 G43 Gaming

#1YukitoRamboPosted 2/9/2014 6:56:18 AM

My recently built rig uses this mobo.

...Is it just me or it came with an awful SPU...? Songs just sound worse and more tinnish than my old budget mobo from 2008.
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#2-5xad0w-Posted 2/9/2014 7:15:45 AM
I'm using a G55 but using my 780 for audio over HDMi so I've never really noticed how MSI's audio quality is.
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#3Fear The ClownPosted 2/9/2014 7:28:00 AM
Hmm interesting, I'm using a L337 Drone MB with the same ALC 1150 chip on it and my audio sounds great. It looks like your board has a lot of software they use to improve your audio quality so you might investigate that.
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#4Flaktrooper123Posted 2/9/2014 7:47:36 AM
Both the ECS Drone and MSI G45 comes with audio improvement, albeit slightly different one. Both are based on ALC 1150, which by itself already better than the old ALC 892 and 898. I think the MSI board also has gold plated contacts.
#5Killah PriestPosted 2/9/2014 7:57:32 AM(edited)
My motherboard has Realtek ALC1150 and its garbage, worse than the ADI 1988B on my 8 year old motherboard.
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#6Fear The ClownPosted 2/9/2014 9:34:29 AM
Hmm I guess I don't have the issues with the alc 1150 you're describing. I use it with an optical cable run through a dolby processor into a turtle beach headset. I do use hacked/unlocked drivers to be able to get a dolby signal through the optical line so maybe that's where the difference is.
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#7returnofbeansPosted 2/9/2014 9:38:16 AM
Audio Boost: Reward Your Ears with True Quality

kinda interesting that it says that in the description o.0
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#8Flaktrooper123Posted 2/9/2014 10:01:34 AM
Audio Boost is about equal as Asrock's Purity Sound. Those are not just plain ALC 1150, but they also add several improvement and a headphone amp. The G43 don't come with Audio Boost.

I think the ALC 1150 based Asus SupremeFX is better than Audio Boost according to some reviews, and that is not the even better SupremeFX Formula. Only a few LGA 1150 motherboards don't use Realtek chips, like Creative SoundCore on a few Asrock and Gigabyte motherboards.
#9urtvPosted 2/9/2014 10:20:49 AM
just get a cheap sound card.will sound better than the crap on your mobo
#10YukitoRambo(Topic Creator)Posted 2/9/2014 4:56:02 PM
Could this crappy sound output has anything to do with the standard 3.5mm jack I'm using?

To the guy who says that G43 doesn't come with Audio Boost, well, I'm looking at the chip embedded on the mobo now, so it DOES have Audio Boost. I'm just wondering if I'm not doing something right.
"Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed" - Alexander Pope