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Need some help for a budget build (first time)

#1JigSaw3Posted 2/9/2014 12:14:31 PM
So I'm a little nervous at the thought of building a pc. I have a decent desktop now but it seems to have these cpu usage spikes that I don't know how to fix (its an older hp pavilion a6683w). Therefore, I decided to just indulge in the idea of building one myself with no prior experience.
So here is what I have so far:

-corsair 430w PSU,

-Asus Radeon R7 240 video card,

-Keyboard, mouse and monitor

I prefer to keep the pricing around $400 or maybe $500, but no more than $600. I'm more or less trying to cut a bit of my cost due to what I'm working with. I don't plan on playing high demanding games. It'll be mostly for games like league of legends, hearthstone, counterstrike go, team fortress 2.

Here is what I've been thinking about so far:

My knowledge is minimal so I've been going off this website:

Thanks for taking the time to read this long post, but as you can probably tell by now I'm a bit worried about spending money on something I've never done before.
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#2JigSaw3(Topic Creator)Posted 2/9/2014 6:57:40 PM
just a polite bump
"It's nice to throw rocks at the moon and wonder why they don't hit"