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So, if my CPU runs at ~80 degrees Celsius for short periods of time, is that ok?

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2 years ago#1

EDIT: Turns out that capping the FPS didn't reduce my temps as much as I'd hoped.

So basically, my PC runs all games fine. I know its in alright condition because I have no heat problems whatsoever, except with one game: Cube World. The game eats up a lot of processing power because its not very well-optimized (being in alpha and all).

The game doesn't run too hot by itself, but if I run a little Hamachi server with my friends, the temp adds up to high 70s/low low 80s.

I was thinking of maybe running the server on my laptop and the game itself on my PC to divide the heat out a bit, but I don't want my laptop to get too hot, either, especially since I don't have a cooling pad.

My question is: is running at ~80 degrees for fairly limited periods of time (no more than, say, four hours at a time) going to cause me problems in the long run? Should I run the server on my laptop instead?

I'm going to see how the server affects my laptop's temps, I just figured I would ask for your guys' opinions.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I have an i5-3570K.
2 years ago#2
80c is terrifying.

70c is terrifying too.

2 years ago#3
Hence why I made this topic, it really bothers me. The game isn't well optimized. It runs at safe temps without the server, but with it... its pretty scary really.

I'm very much considering running the server on my laptop, those temps just aren't very comfortable. But I don't have a cooling pad for it, and I don't like the idea of running my laptop hot for any amount of time without one.
2 years ago#4
I have no idea about server tpye stuff. I dont think Ive ever seen my CPU go past 45 under load with a evo 212
2 years ago#5
What cooler do you have?
If you overclocked, how much are you overclocked?
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2 years ago#6
BuyersRemorse55 posted...
80c is just fine.

I dont know what card your running, but a lot of the new nvidia cards drivers are designed to cap out at 80c with the standard drivers.

If your using a EVGA card or something you can download their precision. With this you could even set up a temp target for you card, like 70c or something, of course youll get less power so less framerate and such but if the heat is bothering you then it maybe worth it.

You also try enabling vertical sync if its an option. That caps you to 60fps and I know that lowers the temp on my card when I use it.

it's his CPU, not his GPU.

it's one thing for a GPU to run über hot, but for a CPU? It's terrifying. TC has to have some cooling issues for anything to push his CPU above 70c -- even under 100% load, that shouldn't happen.
2 years ago#7
That's fine. People are too paranoid about temps. I've had my laptop on for days encoding videos at ~85C.

Also, cooling pads are generally a waste of money. If your laptop intakes air through vents on the bottom, simply raising it an inch or two off the desk or whatever is nearly effective as a cooling pad with fans.
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2 years ago#8
My card is an Nvidia GTX 660 Ti.

Also, I do use vsync.

I don't have any special cooling, just fans. I'm not overclocked, either.

I'd like to specify, its not the game itself doing this - this only happens when I am playing the game, running a server, and there are people in the server. Otherwise, it runs at perfectly average temps for gaming.

NOTHING but this ever sets my CPU this high. The highest my CPU ever gets normally is like 60-65 degrees or something like that. It idles at 32 in my normal environment but its warmer here and I haven't dusted it in a while so it idles at like 36. Gonna dust in a couple days when I get some more canned air.

Also, GTRagnarok, that's kind of my line of thinking. I know a lot of people freak out about CPU temps, and I've always thought they seem like they may be a bit exaggerated, especially considering how hot poorly-ventilated home PCs must run when people game on them.

I figured I'd just see what people think to get an idea of whether or not its safe to keep playing this every once in a while.
2 years ago#9
If you're using the stock cooler those temps under very heavy CPU load aren't too surprising.

High 70 low 80c is still with in safe temps for a 3570k.
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2 years ago#10
ygfbv posted...
it's one thing for a GPU to run über hot, but for a CPU? It's terrifying

I think that's just some sort of mindset people have developed over time. CPUs and GPUs are both silicon based and are made of similar materials. As such, they both have similar shutoff temperatures of around 105C.
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  3. So, if my CPU runs at ~80 degrees Celsius for short periods of time, is that ok?

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