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What's your lowest Metascore game on Steam

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2 years ago#91
InMomentum - 59
2 years ago#92
Lowest for me is Legends of Dawn at 29.
Of the ones I've played...I did start up Cortex Command at 44, but it's tied between A Valley Without Wind and X-Blades at 54 each.
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2 years ago#93
Aliens: Colonial Marines, with a 45/100.
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2 years ago#94
Buburibon posted...
Aliens: Colonial Marines, with a 45/100.

2 years ago#95
What's the point of buying all of these horrid games
2 years ago#96
Apparently I can't sort by or view metascore through the web version of Steam. So I have no idea.
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2 years ago#97
probably Infestation stories or as it was called at one time.... War Z..... think it's 20/100. Although I could have some stinker I never played from a bundle that is lower I'm pretty sure that's my lowest.
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2 years ago#98
TheSchref posted...
Arma Tactics - 37

Came with Humble Bundle, lol.

2 years ago#99
ride to hell
runner up is scourge project,which came in a halloween sale bundle and i never even played it
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2 years ago#100
Takedown Red Sabre?? -contains my Dreamcast project of putting HD vids of each US game up.
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