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Next game to play on backlist

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User Info: steker16

3 years ago#11
spec ops is a great game

User Info: StormKMD

3 years ago#12
electroflame posted...
Hotline Miami is fantastic, so you should totally play that.

This. I absolutely LOVED the game.
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User Info: CloudZ1116

3 years ago#13
Spec Ops: The Line is a great place to start. Not super long, gameplay is nothing special, but damn, dat plot.
Play the ME trilogy afterwards, that'll easily eat up 80+ hours of your life.
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User Info: murphy230

3 years ago#14
I beat the first 2 mass effects on pc and got a little of 3 done number 3 just seemed Meh to me.

I'm about half way done Spec ops right now if I beat it I think I'm gunna start half life 2(never played it) or the Witcher
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