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A man grabs you by the collar and yells "Quickly! Tell me your RAM timings!"

#1Lady UnePosted 2/12/2014 6:27:28 PM
Do you..... - Results (185 votes)
Stare blankly, likely dooming us all.
51.89% (96 votes)
Calmly recite your RAM timings. Everyone knows their RAM timings.
48.11% (89 votes)
This poll is now closed.
If you answer 2, do you know either of your parents birthdays?


Though so.
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#2BogePosted 2/12/2014 6:28:59 PM
If I answer 2? You mean the second option indicating I know my ram timings?

I know my ram timings and both my parents birthdays and year.
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#3Skul_Posted 2/12/2014 6:29:12 PM
I totally know my mother's birthday
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#4Dr_keithPosted 2/12/2014 6:34:07 PM


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#5CatToyPosted 2/12/2014 6:34:59 PM
Skul_ posted...
I totally know my mother's birthday

Marchtemberwenteenth, right?
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#6thatauthorPosted 2/12/2014 6:35:27 PM
From: Skul_ | #003
I totally know my mother's birthday

I do too. I know my father's birth month and maybe day. dunno my ram timings though.
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#7johnny_payPosted 2/12/2014 6:35:52 PM
i know my mums birthday, its that month with the letter r in it
#8ClouddxPosted 2/12/2014 6:36:24 PM

yes, I remember
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#9SilentCaayPosted 2/12/2014 6:38:48 PM
Pretty sure it's 9-9-9-24 or something close to that. I can fudge it.
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#10-5xad0w-Posted 2/12/2014 6:40:41 PM
8-9-9-24@933MHz (dual channel)

System is very new though.
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