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What are the top 3 parts you would upgrade in a PC?

#1hyjinx17Posted 2/17/2014 4:53:52 AM
Assuming there is a certain game you want to play, but every one of your parts just hit the minimum requirements. What are the first 3 parts you would upgrade to get better performance. From 1st priority to last?
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#2doctoglethorpePosted 2/17/2014 4:56:35 AM
cpu, cpu, ram. the only things that really ever need upgrading (unless the cpu change requires a different mobo, then replace ram for that)
#3myztikricePosted 2/17/2014 4:57:10 AM(edited)
The rear fan, the CPU thermal paste, and then the cable zipties. What the hell do you think? The CPU, GPU, and RAM.
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#4doctoglethorpePosted 2/17/2014 4:57:13 AM
sigh. one of those should be gpu.
#5maybecallsPosted 2/17/2014 5:00:58 AM

However, the only one of those I might ever upgrade on this PC is the GPU (if any games actually arrive that interest me sufficiently. I'm hoping to get away with Bannerlord without upgrading). The CPU and RAM stay put for the lifetime of the PC, barring component failure.
#6thegreatsquarePosted 2/17/2014 5:15:38 AM
GPU: I expect to want to upgrade the GPU in a desktop once around halfway through.
RAM: So far I've chosen enough at the beginning, but I guess it could happen
CPU: If my CPU is the problem, it is probably been almost five years and it is time for a new system.

Deal with it all until a must play game [In my case: Bethesda RPGs] can't be played or a lot of things can't be played. My CPU is too weak to keep AC4 acceptably playable right now [the rain in Havana makes it choppy, I'm borderline acceptable otherwise], but I don't think that is a reason to stop waiting for at least the next round of die shrinks for AMD/Nvidia GPUs and Intel CPUs.
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#7hitokiri13Posted 2/17/2014 5:17:44 AM

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#8hyjinx17(Topic Creator)Posted 2/17/2014 5:42:55 AM
Well that worked after all.

Thank you all for the helpful answers.

Sorry I went about it in a roundabout way, but last time I directly asked for help on this board I got bombarded with a bunch of "console noob" and "google" posts. Googing provides a lot of information, but trying to get a simple answer when you aren't especially versed in PC hardware is a bit difficult.
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#9turtlebeach21Posted 2/17/2014 6:01:40 AM
GPU CPU and ram. I an upgrading my mobo and CPU right now
#10Flaktrooper123Posted 2/17/2014 6:06:28 AM
GPU - usually the most bang for your performance upgrade
CPU - If it starts to struggle with newer games
RAM - only if I don't have enough