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75% off Shadow Warrior?

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User Info: GTL581

3 years ago#11
i got a broken age discount for "double fine loyalty". i think the only game i own by them is psychonauts
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pm me for an add

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#12
It's too bad Shadow Warrior is still $10 even after the coupon :|
If it can stack with sale price, I might get it for $2.50, but it doesn't really look interesting tbh.
god invented extension cords. -elchris79

User Info: TowerBooks3192

3 years ago#13
I think they randomly give you discounts on games of a particular genre or publisher. I have tons of strategy games but they kept giving me Crusader Kings 2 discount when I already have around 5 copies of crusader kings 2 and around 2 unused copies sitting on different accounts from different digital stores.
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User Info: dummy420

3 years ago#14
Shadow Warrior is pretty good. I got 75% off Rise of Triad and 3 25% off coupons for broken age. If anyone wants to trade or just wants one I will give them to you.
Trying is the first step towards failure, so just dont give it a shot and you cant dissapoint.

User Info: randy_123r

3 years ago#15
I got a rock.
GT: Saint Muzik
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