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Aarklash: Legacy on sale

#1happyscrub1Posted 2/19/2014 1:53:00 AM

I urge you to try it if you like action RPGs with strategy like Dragon Age series. The game play is beyond it's time. Most of the bosses have gameplay mechanics like raid bosses in popular MMOs making you think and move carefully. Not just hack and slash.
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#2happyscrub1(Topic Creator)Posted 2/19/2014 12:31:46 PM
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#3happyscrub1(Topic Creator)Posted 2/19/2014 5:43:26 PM
Why no one will comment! :(
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#4BendoHendoPosted 2/19/2014 9:26:08 PM
I bought it but havent time to play it. Seems really good
#5DV8ingSourcesPosted 2/19/2014 9:32:50 PM
Aside from the semi interesting gameplay, what else can you say to sell it? Story any good? Length? Bugs and polish?
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#6samuraigaidenPosted 2/19/2014 9:33:35 PM
This game looks terrible.
#7Fade2black001Posted 2/19/2014 9:38:39 PM
It kind looks like the style of Baldur's gate a little bit.
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