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Ok umm... question, folks.

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User Info: xBrokenxHalox

3 years ago#11
DerPancake posted...
elitelmo posted...
r0ge00 posted...
samuraigaiden posted...
Intel HD graphics will get you nowhere. You need a dedicated GPU to be play most PC games (even old ones).

Come out of your cave, it's 2014. Integrated GPUs are fine. That being said, TC has an i5-3350P and that doesn't have an integrated GPU. TC, grab a 750 Ti and you'll be set.


Intel HD 4600 can play Crysis 3 at 30fps 720p.

True PC gaming right there.
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User Info: CloneTheHero

3 years ago#12
Shub posted...
CloneTheHero posted...
Intel i5-3350P (3.10 ghz)
intel hd graphics

This does not compute at all... guessing you don't have a 3350P or you don't have Intel HD Graphics -- Intel HD Graphics only comes integrated with the CPU these days, and a 3350P doesn't have integrated graphics. Anyway, if it's some prebuilt computer from HP or whatever, just get a good ~$150 video card and you should be in business.

Hmmm. That's what the specs said. Mistake perhaps?

General Spec
Brand ASUS
Model DTASCM6730US011
Type Student/Home office
Form Factor Tower
Usage Consumer
Processor Intel Core i5-3350P 3.1GHz
Processor Main Features 64 bit Quad-Core Processor
Cache Per Processor 6MB L3 Cache
Memory 8GB DDR3 1600
Hard Drive 1TB 7200RPM
Optical Drive 1 24x DVD-RW
Graphics Intel HD Graphics
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
Power Supply 300W
Operating System Windows 8

Intel H61

CPU Type
Intel Core i5
CPU Speed
3350P (3.10GHz)
L3 Cache Per CPU
CPU Socket Type
LGA 1155
CPU Main Features
64 bit Quad-Core Processor
Max Turbo Frequency 3.3 GHz

Intel HD Graphics
Graphics Interface
Currently Playing: Uncharted 3 (PS3), Shenmue (DC), Silver (DC)
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