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Poll: Most cringeworthy excuses not to game on PC (Poll)
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Looks like we have a ton of games in production.Jaghave31/31 12:08AM
Why does Steam even have achievements?
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Bongbuddy281/31 12:05AM
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Would the industry be better or worse without AMD? (Poll)LordCooler61/30 11:47PM
What monitor should I get?Aoshi_Knives21/30 11:43PM
There might be some more heat on nvidia if this turns out to be true
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romsnbombs231/30 11:39PM
Why do console players hate PC so much?
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SleepComa371/30 11:12PM
Is GTA San Andreas with current gen graphics=best game to ever exist?
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Oakland510_441/30 11:10PM
70-73C Okay for a i3?
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Garage_Man111/30 11:01PM
My fellow weebs, Eden is now on Steam
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Weeb_Harder111/30 10:47PM
Best budget card for 1080p gaming?
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SMBfan22171/30 10:42PM
Is the Nvidia Shield worth it for playing old console games on the go?Sir_Haxor21/30 10:27PM
I lost my will to play games.Here's all or most of the games I've ever played (Closed)BigB0ss1371/30 10:07PM
Any word of a class-action lawsuit against Nvidia yet for the 970 bs?
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scottyg_20141/30 9:59PM