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Is there a way to save IP addresses in multiplayer games?

#1Pow Pow PunishmentPosted 2/19/2014 2:46:51 PM
I'm new to multiplayer PC gaming and have been getting into playing with my girlfriend regularly over LAN. Diablo 2 was our first title and it conveniently saves the host's IP address (or more specifically, the last entered IP so that it works for next time) whenever we connect. This seems to be the only game that does this (specifically, we're playing Dawn of War a lot). Is there some software solution to have the address saved or entered, somehow? It seems like it should be a universal feature.
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#2ShubPosted 2/19/2014 2:47:49 PM
Pow Pow Punishment posted...
It seems like it should be a universal feature

It should be... but it isn't.
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