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Where does Dark Souls rank on the difficulty scale for you?

#1BogePosted 2/20/2014 1:21:08 AM(edited)
Where does Dark Souls rank on the difficulty scale for you? - Results (319 votes)
8.78% (28 votes)
0.94% (3 votes)
0.94% (3 votes)
3.76% (12 votes)
6.58% (21 votes)
8.78% (28 votes)
25.08% (80 votes)
28.84% (92 votes)
8.46% (27 votes)
7.84% (25 votes)
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!!!Please, only vote if you've given the game a decent chance!!!

Compared to the easiest games you've ever played, and the hardest games you've ever played. What difficulty rating would you give Dark Souls?

And please, if you know of games you think are more difficult, post them!
#2HaMMeRHeaD25Posted 2/20/2014 1:22:20 AM

By today's standards it is difficult if you aren't reading wikis. It isn't too challenging or frustrating compared to many older titles, especially platformers.
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#3Chewybacca34Posted 2/20/2014 1:38:44 AM
I'd rate it on a time scale. It is difficult but if you have the time to learn the mechanics and systems it's not as hard as it seems. I played it a lot on ps3 and got quite far and I'm not usually into the more hard core rpg's.
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#4DerPancakePosted 2/20/2014 1:43:37 AM
Call of Duty on Veteran is harder.
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#5PokenubPosted 2/20/2014 1:46:11 AM
It wasn't so much hard, just a bit cheap to me. Not bad controls or anything like that, but if they scaled down the damage the enemies would do to you, it'd be a fun game. I love my old nes games that are difficult, but Dark Souls had no reason to be like this. The reason older games were hard is because there was limited space on a cartridge and harder games meant people would play them for longer.

Dark Souls doesn't have that excuse.

Of course, I've only played Dark Souls for about 5 hours, so I may not have a valid complaint, but if I'm not having fun after 5 hours, I care very little about the series.
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#6PokenubPosted 2/20/2014 1:50:15 AM
And just a note, I didn't actually vote, because I don't think 5 hours is enough to give this series before I may get into it. But as I said, I'm not interested any more.
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#7nIMr0D888Posted 2/20/2014 2:48:32 AM
If you're calling it cheap and not having fun after 5 hours, you either suck at it or don't understand it yet.
#8CilymPosted 2/20/2014 3:04:01 AM
Like almost any other game out there, it's super easy to exploit and make easy. If you go through without using the blatantly overpowered items, it still isn't really difficult. Just takes time to learn.
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#9AlleRacingPosted 2/20/2014 3:06:55 AM
Bunch of casuals on this board. We would need a 20 point scale for this board to quantify Nintendo hard.
#10cod4lyfe1997Posted 2/20/2014 3:12:25 AM
I feel that once you die to something the difficulty goes away, it's more surprise kills. Except for Sen's Fortress that place was just horrible >.> and Blighttown was only difficult because of the technical issues of the game.
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