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Free Thief Gold

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1 year ago#41
codes are back
1 year ago#42
gah i can't get them to work...
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1 year ago#43
just got mine to go through I had to use a different email address to get a working code
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1 year ago#44
I got a code, can someone please process it for me? ill send you it in a pm.
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1 year ago#45
TOhasNoRing posted...
I got a code, can someone please process it for me? ill send you it in a pm.

Sure. PM me...
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1 year ago#46
Thanks, got my key!

Also for those with issues, you have to buy Thief Gold from Amazon and use your code which makes it free
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1 year ago#47
lost_within posted...
pwnater777 posted...
Could someone PM me a steam key, if that's how it works? I'd love to have the game, but I don't have a valid payment method to use.

This game is not available on Steam, thus there is no steam key to be had.

Really now? I'm pretty sure I have the game on Steam.
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1 year ago#48
Yeah, can't get mine to work either >_>
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1 year ago#49
Thanks, TC. I appreciate it. :-)
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1 year ago#50
Got it and downloading on Steam.
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