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Can I connect my phone to the internet through my PC?

#1thedeadman568Posted 2/21/2014 1:41:47 AM(edited)
I want to turn my phone into a wifi hotspot from time to time but I would prefer, if I didn't have to use the limited bandwith on my phone. So is there a way to do some reverse tethering?

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I have a Galaxy S3, I'm on Windows 7 and I don't have a wifi card in my pc.
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#2PsythikPosted 2/21/2014 3:06:03 AM(edited)

I turn WiFi on on my phone and it works great as a wireless adapter for my PC

EDIT: Wait, you want to use your PC to get internet on your phone? Why not just use the computer? Or just turn on WiFi on the phone?
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#3malkavian_feverPosted 2/21/2014 3:12:57 AM
I'm using a galaxy S3 too, through Straight Talk. Go to the app store and download FoxFi, it's a simple and easy to use tethering app that still works on an unrooted S3. Granted, you can't use WiFi but since you don't have a wireless card that shouldn't be a problem. All you need is to either have a bluetooth connection on your PC or connect the two through a USB.

If you are wanting to use the internet from your PC on your phone however...why? But anyways, you should be able to do it in your network settings I would think. There's a network option that lets other devices use your internet connection.