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Any good games like Civ 5 with a fantasy setting?

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  3. Any good games like Civ 5 with a fantasy setting?

User Info: thedeadman568

3 years ago#1
I'm sick of reality-based games ATM.
Also, I tried Warlock: Master of the Arcane already but it wasn't deep enough for my taste.
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User Info: -5xad0w-

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Xantose161

3 years ago#3
The two games that I would check out would be Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, which is a pretty good game similar to Civ 5 with some rpg elements in it. The other game I would suggest is Age of Wonders 3, which is coming out I think the end of March. It is looking to be a pretty good game that is also similar to Civ 5. You could also check out Age of Wonders 2 as well, which was fairly good as well.
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User Info: thatauthor

3 years ago#4
Civilization 4 has an overhaul nmod that allows you to play in a fantasy setting.
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User Info: TheSchref

3 years ago#5
Not exactly like Civilization 5, but Age of Wonders 3 is coming out. Check it out.

User Info: PFGeraci

3 years ago#6
The best fantasy turn based games are older, namely Age of Wonders and Heroes of Might & Magic 3 come to mind. Aside from that it's slim pickins.
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User Info: polopili

3 years ago#7
Dominions 4. It's closer to Total War actually. Graphics are ugly as hell, but it's good.

User Info: anonymous46773

3 years ago#8
Civ 4 with Fall From Heaven 2 mod.
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User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#9
Rise of Nations... maybe

User Info: TheOtherGuyX

3 years ago#10
anonymous46773 posted...
Civ 4 with Fall From Heaven 2 mod.

I second this, great mod.
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  3. Any good games like Civ 5 with a fantasy setting?

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