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Day Z / Rust such gimmick games.

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User Info: TheMove2

3 years ago#1
So I have not played the Day Z Standalone. I enjoyed the old Day z for a little bit until I realized it was a bugged broken mess filled with hackers and broken promises. Went to War Z same crap again and tons of hackers everywhere.

I didn't buy Day Z standalone and my bro bought me Rust because I refused to buy games at $20 that are nothing but lies. Rust was fun until I got good and wasted allot of time to always end up losing everything to hackers, server wipe or even if it was a legit reason a group of 10+ players.

After seeing the Day Z crap today I can't help but laugh at the game.

Same thing goes for Rust. My brother tells me every time I call the game garbage and a broken mess that the game is alpha and only 10% done. I tell him this game is not 10% done because it is $19.99 and probably won't ever sell more than 30% more copies than it already has. These games get update like DLC but you can't expect this game in a year or two to be 90% more complete.

Rust will never sell for more than $19.99. If anything this summer it will hit the summer steam steam for like $4.99 and there will be more hackers than ever and the game will die.

Anyways my little rant n these games. They are fun for a little while. But they are a scam

Hopefully The Division which is a real game will be solid and people can see how these type of games are suppose to be when they are finished.

User Info: chris121691

3 years ago#2
Haha what? Alpha only 10%?

User Info: Yombiee

3 years ago#3
ITT: We make up statistics.

User Info: tiger8191

3 years ago#4

User Info: Cesare_Borgia

3 years ago#5
So... having hackers is a gameplay gimmick?

User Info: AdeonWriter

3 years ago#6
DayZ is just another zombie survival game. Zombies were recently removed from Dust (they were just placeholders for real enemy models anyway) so people would stop calling it a zombie game.

But yeah Rust is in super early alpha. Even the player models are still placeholders.

User Info: Knifegash

3 years ago#7
DayZ is somewhere at .30.xxxx so it's closer to 30% done
Isn't that right, Zach?

User Info: therickmu25

3 years ago#8
Day Z standalone provides probably the funniest / most memorable player interaction scenarios in any video game I've ever played.

Will you spend hours sometimes running and not seeing a damn thing? Sure. But I've had some of the most ROFL moments in this game that the bugs and glitches are easily overlooked.

User Info: my_name_is_Ed

3 years ago#9
You must be 12. I can't find any logical reasoning for anything you said.

User Info: SleepComa

3 years ago#10
Knifegash posted...
DayZ is somewhere at .30.xxxx so it's closer to 30% done

Not even close.

Also Dayz already sold 1.5 million copies... lol.

Let's all blurt out misinformation and pass it as fact. Yay.
*Projectile Vomits* Those prices are fantastic!
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