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Need some help choosing a storage HDD.

#1eagles5769Posted 2/24/2014 8:05:11 PM
I plan on using a SSD later this year in a PC build for OS and programs. I need to get a large capacity HDD to use as the main storage of my media. I already have a 2 TB Seagate External HDD that has my data, but it is not being backed up anywhere and I would like to use this drive as the backup. Currently sits at 1.08GB / 2 GB used. What should I be looking for in a HDD in terms of reliablility and speed? Is 5400 rpm better to get over 7200 for storage and as a media server accessed daily?

Are any of these drives good to get? I see a 4 TB Western Digital Green HDD is on sale today for $150. Is this a good deal? Reviews seem okay if you weed through the other capacity drive reviews and still to the 4 GB.

Seagate also has a 2 TB HDD for $90.
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