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Can anyone suggest a ~$500 build (without video card/OS/kb/screen/etc)?

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2 years ago#1
Unfortunately, my dreams of a fancy new computer have been crushed by the expenses of reality. I've now got about $500 to spare, although I can go a bit over for a major performance gain.

However, I already have a video card that's only about a year old, so I do NOT need a new video card in this build and am not counting it in the budget. I also have a CD drive, Windows, a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, gaming controllers, and other peripherals. Given my current system's age, I don't think salvaging parts that weren't replaced recently like the power supply's a good idea-- those parts I'm just going to replace. I live close enough to a Microcenter that I can go there to buy parts.

Go ahead, suggest me a build. :) Thanks!
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2 years ago#2
What's your video card?
2 years ago#3
GeForce 650 TI. Not amazing, but good enough for now (I have no problems with not maxing everything as long as the game's playable, and video cards are very easy to upgrade later.)
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2 years ago#4
Could get an I7 for $300, an $80 mobo, 8 gb of RAM which would be $80... and if you need a PSU piece together another $80. Should scream.

CPU $310:
Mobo $85:
RAM $75:
PSU $50, 620 watt, dunno what vid card you have but if not SLI this should be fine:

Would be $520. Mobo only has one PCI-E but whatever, just got a higher end card later. SLI is overkill for most games unless you're gaming 1440+.

Computer should scream pending what you have for a GPU. Year ago, can't be that bad if you're happy enough not to upgrade. If you need a case as well just downgrade to the i5 for $100 less and sink maybe a little more into the mobo (go for a $125 budget on mobo will get you SLI options and more features) and spend $60 on a case.
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2 years ago#5
Thanks for the advice! I do need a new case (I chose... poorly*) and would therefore need to step down on the CPU, but the rest is handy.

*It has very bright LEDs which I've come to regret, the reset button is broken, and I can't get the front off to replace the squeaky intake fan. I'm not entirely sure it comes off. Unfortunately, I lost the box of manuals and driver discs in a move and have no idea who manufactured the case...
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2 years ago#6
Since you live near a Micro center you should easily be able to fit a 4770k into your budget with a case.
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2 years ago#7
On your budget I think I would just go for an i5, 8 gigs of ram, mobo and good 600-650 watt psu for that future video card upgrade. You might even be able to get away with 500 watts since the next round of video cards will be using less power. You can get nice cases starting as low as $30 sometimes. But case is basically personal preference.

Gtx 650 is still a pretty decent card. You could easily get another 6 months to a year out of it, especially if your not playing super demanding games regularly like a BF4, Cyrsis 3 etc.
2 years ago#8
I would stick with a 4670k processor, that is what I have and I love it, the price is very reasonable on that processor.
and that graphix card is worth holding onto for a little bit, I run the msi gtx 660 twinfrozriii.
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2 years ago#9
here is a good mobo as well
same one i run in my pc
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2 years ago#10
also for further reference if you want to piece out everything you need and price it go here
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