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Best value laptop between $5-700

#1Fear The ClownPosted 2/25/2014 6:46:31 PM
Hi, I'm needing a laptop for work purposes. Can anyone point me towards the best valued laptop between 5-700? A dedicated video card would be a plus. A small SSD would be a plus. I shouldn't need a hard drive bigger than 120GB as this laptop will be primarily for work to provide remote assistance to clients and to access networks while I am on site. Thanks in advance. Ultrabooks are welcome as suggestions too and screen size would be ideal at the 15" mark.
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#2WyzeGyePosted 2/25/2014 6:55:44 PM
look for a used Macbook
#3Fear The Clown(Topic Creator)Posted 2/25/2014 6:59:02 PM
I have a macbook that is in good condition but the work I need to do remotely is done best via windows. I already have a dual boot into windows on the macbook but it is not ideal plus I am able to use this as a tax writeoff so something new is best at the moment, though I appreciate the suggestion.
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#4lootwomanPosted 3/1/2014 12:38:23 AM
Man. I have a great $4 laptop, too
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#5jakisthePosted 3/1/2014 1:57:09 AM
That's quite a range.
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#6Dionex247Posted 3/1/2014 2:37:04 AM
u can install an SSD urself for cheap

just buy a HDD one and swap later