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Pirates might now have something to fear?

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1 year ago#11
lucky i only listen to chinese songs
(message deleted)
1 year ago#13
This will not make a difference, if anything it's a lesser extreme of what's already been occurring. Rightscorp has no legal means of forcing pirates to pay the settlement without litigation. In fact, Rightscorp can't even find out whose account the IP address is tied to without going to court, which is why they pass the job of doing that onto the ISPs.

A fine of $20 per track is nothing compared to the $150,000+ extremes sometimes seen in copyright infringement cases which actually go to court. That actually sounds like a reasonable fine (if you're actually found guilty of infringement by a court) as opposed to the ridiculous amounts these companies try to charge now.
1 year ago#14
Are we not men?
1 year ago#15
Anyway, most torrent files are usually partially encrypted or packed. So you get for example, a whole album instead of individual files. There is just no way they can track individually other than hacking into the guy's computer which also incurs the said organization to infringe someone's privacy and they can be sued for that. And even if they don't, I dare them to sue a pirate who is in China or Iran.
1 year ago#16
The only thing I fear be grapeshot.
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1 year ago#17
MaxCHEATER64 posted...
lootwoman posted...
>US based ISPs
>Pirate websites will just move to a or .fr domain.

Piratebay is already .se right?

Piratebay changes a lot lately. Sometimes more than a few times a week hah. They have been getting the run around all over. But yeah, i believe they've settled at .se for the time being.
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1 year ago#18
I'm not sure I'd even care much if I got busted from pirating (I didn't say I do). What is it, a fine and prison? Well, I'm broke, so I can't pay anything, and prison would just be room and board for me since I might be looking at homelessness in the future anyway. I'll just make sure I smuggle in some lube.
1 year ago#19
And if I were to receive one of these fines and refuse to pay, what then? It's going to cost them a lot more than $20 to pursue it. No for-profit company is going to do that, so I don't see how this is enforceable.
1 year ago#20
-5xad0w- posted...
The only thing I fear be grapeshot.

Laughed pretty hard at this 10/10
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