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monitor size questin

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2 years ago#1
if a monitor is advetised at 23inches, is that the entire monitor diagnol or just the screen itself?

Im looking at ASUS VX238H, and it says it 23 inchs. But in the product dimensions its saying something like 21.5 x whatever.

My current monitor is an actual 20 inch screen and if i look it up on newegg is advetised as 20 and the dimensions are like 22. someything diagnol
2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
Its diagonal just like a TV is. Or any other screen is measured for that matter
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2 years ago#4
A monitor's listed size is almost never exact, which is why you see them listed as 23" class monitors instead of just 23". The actual diagonal size can vary by up to an inch. For example, most 22" class monitors are actually 21.6".
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