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Cant use my ps2 controller in Batman Arkham Origins

#1Spawn_LOLsPosted 3/3/2014 12:45:01 PM
I have a PS2 controller which i use no problem with a lot of games with my USB adapter, but with Batman Arkham Origins it recognizes the analogs backwards. So i used x360ce which works great in other games, but here when i plug in the controller, and hear the sound that the game recognized it, the game crashes right away.

If i start the game with the controller already plugged in, it crashes when it hits the start menu and the game recognizes the controller, so it seems to be the same if i plug it before or after booting the game.

I am a PC noob, so any ideas for why i am having this problem PC savvy guys?
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#5AebleskiverPosted 3/3/2014 9:39:36 PM(edited)
Probably finding a forum that does x360ce support would be your best bet. You have a really specific situation that has to only do with x360ce acting up, really.
#6Kokuei05Posted 3/3/2014 9:41:27 PM

First link when I googled "arkham origins x360ce"

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