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IYO what is the best way to record & stream gameplay

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2 years ago#11
shadowplay is a no go since I dont have a nvidia card. How do I find out what my gpu is so I know if its worth upgrading? I bought a gaming pc from somsone who builds them and dont really know whats inside I just know it plays all the recent games on high and sometimes ultra settings with ease.
2 years ago#12
Search/Start > "Run" > "dxdiag"
2 years ago#13
Mirilis Action and MSI Afterburner are the best I've used. FRAPs is fine though if you don't mind the file sizes and lack of options. Simple as it gets and seems to work on about everything. All other programs I've tried like Dxtory and Bandicam were problematic in quite a few games.

Aside from Shadowplay, Intel's Quicksync is another encoder that will have little impact on performance while recording.
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2 years ago#14
Performance wise, a capture card would be best. Capture cards have the added benefit of being able to record from other devices such as gaming consoles as well. Any sort of software recording is going to have a performance impact. That said, as long as you have a reasonably powerful machine and you don't record to the same hard drive you are playing from, the performance hit will probably be negligible.

As far as software based recording goes, a lot of people like Shadowplay if they have an Nvidia graphics card. After that I would recommend OBS/MSI Afterburner or Fraps.
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