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My computer must be pretty messed up.

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2 years ago#1
Playing a high quality video in Windows media player my CPU says 0-2 percent usage. Playing music I get around 50 percent usage. That doesn't make any sense why that would take up more power. Playing a video on Hulu takes up a whopping 97-100% CPU usage. Even at low quality. What is going on? Is it just flash that is garbage now or something?
2 years ago#2
How hot is it running?
2 years ago#3
Are you using an Athlon?
2 years ago#4
Flash sucks... end of story...
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2 years ago#5
You need more ram
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2 years ago#6
Ok so I was starting to think it was flash but Crunchyroll uses Flash too. Hulu videos fullscreen reach 100% CPU usage. Crunchyrolls videos are higher quality and fullscreen is around 30-40% CPU usage. Makes no sense at all.
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