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What was the worst console to PC port ever in your opinion?

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2 years ago#91
LaManoNeraII posted...
The worst one I've ever had the displeasure of not-playing (because it was unplayable) was the King Kong game. Which was amazing on the 360. It was also my first personal gaming PC, so unfortunately it was quite a traumatizing experience : (

I remember that. I couldn't even play that game to see what a terrible port it was because it had some kind of bulls*** DRM system that wouldn't let it install on my PC.
2 years ago#92
JsReznor posted...
Batman Arkym Asylum. The controls are truly horrible, and even with xpadder don't work properly.
After 30 minutes of gameplay and 3 hours of trying to figure out the controls, I said F it and moved on.

Unsugarized_Foo posted...
I just played and beat Batman: AA and had a blast with my controller! But it is a 360 pad.

I was gonna say. Batman AA works perfect with a 360 pad.
2 years ago#93
It's between GTA 4 and AC3. Both run horribly, though at least AC3 is playable. GTA 4 is horrendous.
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2 years ago#94
SpazH3d posted...
AnatomyHorror posted...
Silent Hill 4 is absolutely terrible. Even with the fan made widescreen hacks and whatnot. It's much worse than Saints Row 2 which I can play no problem at 60fps.

Can you elaborate on this? Because I'm eventually going to replay the PC version. A terrible framerate then?

He's overreacting a little.

SH4 for PC works quite well, looks good and its VERY stable. I played many times, and haven't seen a single bug.

However, there's one thing that bothers me a little: the framerate is fixed at 30 in the gameplay, and 15(!!!) at the cutscenes.

But unlike Saints Row 2, SH4 doesn't have any lag and speedup issues, and doesn't crash as often (like I said, its a very stable port, unlike SR2).
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2 years ago#95
samuraigaiden posted...
It performs below consoles on machines that are above consoles, essentially.

Yeah, much like oranges are above apples because they are rounder.
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2 years ago#96
Beyond Good and Evil is pretty bad. Apparently the game wasn't optimized for multi core processors and has all sorts of issues when you play with one.
2 years ago#97
Most definitely DOS Castlevania. Pretty sure that abomination even had one of those hard to read password cards
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2 years ago#98

have a beat computer and still cant get 30 fps on that game even with medium graphics.... dont know why.. guess its just coded like garbage... cuz far cry 3 looks and runs better than gta4
2 years ago#99
saints row 2 definitely
2 years ago#100
Never played it, but wasn't RAGE really awful compared to the console versions?
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