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The World's first mechanical switch designed for gaming.

#21DerPancakePosted 3/7/2014 5:32:04 AM
Razer should make a mouse that focuses on durability.
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#22ShuraYukihimePosted 3/7/2014 6:55:21 AM
DerPancake posted...
Razer should make a mouse that focuses on durability.

Casio should make that mouse.
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#23exclusiveburnerPosted 3/7/2014 7:46:58 AM
For what it's worth their manufacturing process looks pretty legit.
#24phy2jshPosted 3/7/2014 8:29:59 AM
This looks amazing! Problem with my current mechanical keyboard is I'm not strong enough to actually press the keys. In CS i just have to spawn camp because I can't move. I've been looking for a keyboard with keys that are easier to press so that I can realise my potential and turn pro.

Seriously, what a con.
#25JockoPosted 3/7/2014 8:53:23 AM
Take one of the most unergonomic ways to control a character on screen and try to perfect it. Good ol' WASD.

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#26DARQ MXPosted 3/7/2014 9:52:48 AM
haha so what did they have before? Not real switches? this is a joke. They are trying so hard to beat the mechanical keyboard market because everyone else is buying better keyboards.
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#27dementedlullabyPosted 3/7/2014 10:15:52 AM
TheSchref posted...
KillerTruffle posted...
I like the part where one of the "top competitive gamers" says that the hardware he uses is more critical than his own skill. I wonder how much extra Razer paid him to imply that having a Razer keyboard will make you a good gamer even if you suck.

It's sad, because people actually believe it, too.

I sit in my college courses listening to 20+ year olds talk about how they're going to get them gamer glasses and a gamer mouse and how it's DRASTICALLY going to increase their skill.

No, you're bad at games and no matter what you buy isn't going to make you good. Practice makes you good.

I didn't know gaming glasses was a thing. I am now highly amused.
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#28ShubPosted 3/7/2014 10:16:43 AM
dementedlullaby posted...
I didn't know gaming glasses was a thing. I am now highly amused.
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#29KillerTrufflePosted 3/7/2014 10:23:42 AM
dementedlullaby posted...
I didn't know gaming glasses was a thing. I am now highly amused.

"Gaming glasses" aren't just for gaming. All they really do is help boost contrast and sharpness a bit. They pretty much build off the concept of "blue blockers" (if you're old enough to remember those commercials). Honestly, the tint DOES help improve contrast a bit typically, by filtering out a bit of blue light which can wash things out. They can also help reduce eye fatigue a bit. I've never tried actual gaming glasses or Gunnars or anything, but I've used blue blocker type glasses when driving before, and especially during that hour or so right around sunset when contrast is lowest, they really are effective. So while it sounds funny, they can help your perception - although they obviously do nothing for your skill.
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#30akuma634Posted 3/7/2014 10:27:23 AM
It's Razer, it might look cool, but it will break down on you on any day. I can't imagine a pro gamer depending on that s*** and their keyboard dying on them in the middle of a game.