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I've been gaming for a loooong time, and I feel I can safely say that

#81ArkonBladePosted 3/8/2014 9:16:32 AM
Second hand gaming kills 100k people a year you know.
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#82noimnoturdaddy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2014 9:25:46 AM(edited)
Caanimal posted...
Like everything it's nothing more than how an individual uses it. Used excessively and everything is bad for you...

To be clear, I'm not arguing we pass laws that stop people from playing games or net-nanny-type software shipped with every computer that doesn't allow for more than x amount of hours played per day.

It initially just started out as an observation, like, this is not an innocent thing (I don't think anyone can honestly claim that it is), it does cause a lot of issues for all kinds of people, yet for some reason it's still treated socially like it's harmless. Which it isn't, and it's amusing to me that people try to pretend it is.

All the people saying "anything is addicting" are right, but that doesn't lessen the addictive/life ruin potential of video games. Three people walk into a casino, one has no interest and immediately leaves, the other spends $20, and win or lose, leaves when that $20 is spent, and the other spends $20, then another $20, and another $20, and another $20, and another $20... which is why there are warnings, age limits, and treatment measures in effect. The potential for damage is there, so we've implemented ways to try and reduce their effects.

Video games aren't innocent. They've killed people, caused people to kill others through neglect, even caused people to kill others in a competitive rage, they cause health issues, there are people in society that have nothing to offer (disability, mental illness, whatever) and video games are their way of escaping and not dealing with the crap hand they've been dealt in life, people choose "more gaming time" over sleep, food, and exercise, even if not to the excess of killing them, to the point of negative health impact in the short-term (which does translate into negative health impact in the long-term, the extent of which is determined by how frequent the short-term hits are).

Anything with destructive potential like that is not an innocent hobby, and again, I wasn't arguing for control. I'm not an idiot, I'd rather have the freedom to potentially ruin myself than have someone gate my life for me and reduce choice as a result, it's just interesting to me that there's this cash-cow of video game addiction for politicians and the medical system to take advantage of, and for whatever reason, they aren't.
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#83TES_NutPosted 3/8/2014 9:24:03 AM
Gaming is a gateway hobby. One day you're playing donkey kong next your reading comic books and playing magic the gathering.
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#84Holy_OblivionPosted 3/8/2014 9:28:13 AM
I'm truly not sure if this is a serious topic or not.
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#85Snake99001Posted 3/8/2014 9:31:37 AM
What are you doing on GameFAQs grandma?!
#86noimnoturdaddy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2014 9:34:51 AM(edited)
TES_Nut posted...
Gaming is a gateway hobby. One day you're playing donkey kong next your reading comic books and playing magic the gathering.

I'd say you're kind of right (except you're going from video games to other forms of media, which isn't a good way to connect).

Something like "Donkey Kong" is addictive, but it doesn't last because the game has a very definitive "end", so even the person who goes hard with it is eventually forced to unplug and find something new. But CoD has more long-term addiction potential than Donkey Kong, and WoW has more long-term addiction potential than CoD, so if we wanted to classify games according to their addiction levels, we could say games like "Super Mario" are the soft/gateway drugs, and to put a title to it, something like "Diablo 2" or "World of Warcraft", are the hard-drugs.
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#87moonflow213Posted 3/8/2014 9:36:41 AM
Guys, look. People who have good, happy lives and play video games will ignore this topic in a heart-beat. Most people replying here, including me and TC, are either insecure of their gaming habits because they are criticised for it, or they are very sure its bad for them and can't leave gaming because they don't have much else to do.

I recommend:

Make a Java game for android. (Start with to get the basics down. It is not like regular learning. It's different to learn something you can potentially make good money with within, say, the next 2 years.) It will help you understand games better when you play them. You will feel involved, and get more enjoyment out of them.

And then you'll get more out of a game in less time and play a little less.


Understand that you are unique; you have to choose what you do in you life, and the TCs opinion doesn't matter. The important thing in life is to be happy. If you are addicted to gaming and it doesn't make you happy anymore, then be confident and talk to someone qualified to help. If you're happy, then like I said before, you'll just ignore this topic.

Hey and, enjoy life dude :)

#88jonsushiPosted 3/8/2014 9:37:09 AM
noimnoturdaddy posted...
jonsushi posted...
For your point to actually work, everyone would have to be on meth

Not everyone is "on video games", "on drugs", or "on alcohol". Does that mean debating any of their negative sides is moot because not everyone on the planet is doing it?

For the second (actually third time now) time, READ.

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excellent response to the troll TC
#90noimnoturdaddy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2014 9:44:51 AM
jonsushi posted...
For the second (actually third time now) time, READ.

I did. If I'm misunderstanding your point, then maybe you should give me more than a couple sentences, followed by a demand to re-read them.
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