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What is the darkest game universe ever created?

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User Info: swatkiller546

3 years ago#121
REremake gamecube
Clock tower 3 ps2
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User Info: ShaqKhan1993

3 years ago#122
I'm gonna go with the Silent Hill series.
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User Info: Landojesus

3 years ago#123
No mention of Nier? Wow...

Warhammer 40k is the worst for sure.

Other contenders:
I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream
Dead Space
Silenthill 1-3
Manhunt 1-2
The Witcher Franchise
Planescape Torment
Dragons Dogma
Demon's/Dark Souls
Metro 2033 (the book is almost suffocating)

That's all I got right now. But forgetting Nier guys? C'mon...Game is so dark.
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User Info: Stopthink

3 years ago#124
Blood Omen

User Info: Cactuar512

3 years ago#125
BatmanVonDoom posted...
akuma634 posted...
I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream

After that I'd think you'd be hard pressed to find anything quite as bleak in gaming.

Look no ****ing further than this
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User Info: skyfire777

3 years ago#126
Souls series, silent hill verse

User Info: Masterthief

3 years ago#127
Silent Hill series

User Info: Sitcher

3 years ago#128
My wife is always depressed by the endings of Dragon Age so she always has to look up the endings and gear her play through towards it. I can see it, especially the Deep Roads section, but I can find it very depressing personally because every character is just so sarcastically bored with the situation.

User Info: TowerBooks3192

3 years ago#129
AI War
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User Info: redskinStu

3 years ago#130
Silent Hill without a doubt
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