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What is the darkest game universe ever created?

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2 years ago#31
Thats an easy one. Jericho 360/PS3.

That game was so dark you couldnt even see what you were shooting, and when u did see them. they were darkened by the blackness.
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2 years ago#32
Planescape torment is pretty moody
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2 years ago#33
Warhammer 40k. Each side is pretty much run by horrible people. Sure you have Chaos and such who're outright evil. But the Imperium, Tau, or Eldar aren't much better. Heck the Orks almost seem the least evil since they are too crazy to be evil it seems.
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2 years ago#34
The Void. The atmosphere is intense and unlike anything I've ever played before, and I'm a bit of a dark games buff.
2 years ago#35
2 years ago#36
Davel23 posted...
Warhammer 40k. It's the origin of "grimdark".

Anyone saying otherwise is simply not familiar enough to know better.
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2 years ago#37
It would have to be Demon's Souls.
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2 years ago#38
Eve Online

I mean, space is pretty dark right?
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2 years ago#39
Department Heaven, where the "Heroes" are just villains in disguise.
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2 years ago#40
I always thought Half-life had a pretty depressing/dark universe, especially the opening of HL2 when you start in the slums of city 17.
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