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steam down for anyone?

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User Info: luigi33

3 years ago#1
Specs: [Intel i5 3570k] [16GB DDR3] [GA-Z77X-UD3H]
[CM Hyper 212+] [GTX 760]
Steam ID: xcyper33

User Info: Rhyten

3 years ago#2
Down for me :\
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User Info: Cllerj

3 years ago#3 It's down
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User Info: ZiggiStardust

3 years ago#4
Don't be jell, but these are the games in which I play.

User Info: clo24

3 years ago#5
its down for me

User Info: Chaosoforms

3 years ago#6
It's up for me. I live in Venezuela, which makes the fact that it's up for me pretty weird.

Edit: I'm using Linux at dad's, so i don't know if the actual gaming service (The app) is up, i'm just talking about the store website.

User Info: Epicness2012

3 years ago#7
It was down, but it's back up for me.
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User Info: Sir_Tmas

3 years ago#8
still down

User Info: NicoC96

3 years ago#9
Please, use this instead of posting...

User Info: Blobs_

3 years ago#10
I find it amusing that spec ops the line was on the front page for the screenshot of on isitdownrightnow.

It's probly one of my favorite games. :D
is haha
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