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Which of these 2 laptops is better?

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2 years ago#1
Hi, sorry I know I had another thread going on laptops but it kind of got de-railed from my original ones I was looking at but anyways I'm down to looking at these 2, in terms of power which one is better, and are these good prices for what I'd be getting?


Thanks for your input, trying to pull the trigger on getting one today and just wanted last minute suggestions. :)
2 years ago#2
The one on ebay is marginally better, but they'll be pretty much the same. Read the review on the one on newegg, though. I'd watch out. plus its more expensive. so get the ebay one.
2 years ago#3
The second.
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2 years ago#4
so after shipping and exchange rate to CAD its goin to be like $840, is that a fair price for this? Also just so I can get an idea of what I can expect from the ASUS X550LB-NH52, would this be able to run something like titanfall fairly well at low-medium settings?
2 years ago#5
If that's the one from ebay, at that resolution, medium settings sound about right.
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