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could I have died or been badly hurt?

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2 years ago#21
I was in a similar situation a few years back. We had a tornado, and several windows on my house broke, and I ran in my room like any PC trooper would and snatched my PC and ran for the basement. I abandoned my console systems. I didn't have time to grab the monitor. My X360 tanked it out though. Couldn't say the same for the monitor. But the monitor was only $150. The PC tower cost me $1800. I will risk life and limb for $1800 any day of the week.
2 years ago#22
It might have shocked you, but really electricity is a really fickle thing, and figuring out what will shock you or why something didn't is pretty complicated and you have to look at it situation by situation. Whether it would have killed your or not depends, I don't think it would have, but it depends entirely on what was putting the electricity in the water.

Most things have a fail safe designed for situations just like that, did you feel the electricity in your body or just hear something blow up?
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2 years ago#23
Did you feel the electricity coarse through your veins?
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2 years ago#24
Does anyone remember that dude's name that can withstand stupid amounts of electricity? I read about him a while ago he can take something like 5 times more than a human should be able to, and he found that out while working on his TV or something and basically got blasted across the room.

jedinat posted...

Those are Europeans, bro.
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Yep, sure f***ing showed me.
2 years ago#25
I bet TC is a rogue and he used Cloak of Shadows to negate the electricity damage.
2 years ago#26
didn't read the topic

you guys do know who the TC is right?
2 years ago#27
jedinat posted...

I refuse to believe that this is plugged in
2 years ago#28
my pc is too heavy........
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