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Which game has great villains with many scenes?

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2 years ago#21
Paper Mario
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2 years ago#22
AlleRacing posted...
Seeing lots of Borderlands 2 love in here. I agree.

Aye! I love the boss intros.

The only villains that I love and sympathize was the Cobra Unit from Metal Gear Solid 3. You think the boss did the ultimate sacrifice? No! its the Cobra Units for their blind loyalty to the Boss.
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2 years ago#23
How can you beat Kane from the various Command & Conquer games?
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2 years ago#24
Mass Effect 1.................Saren Arterius!
Mass Effect 2.................The Collectors!
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2 years ago#25
OldManNintendo posted...
The Monkey Island games.

nice, these are brilliantly done and so bloody funny.
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