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Is UPlay a Deal-breaker IYO?

#1Logical_OnePosted 3/10/2014 1:58:59 PM
Is UPlay a Deal-breaker? - Results (190 votes)
36.32% (69 votes)
47.37% (90 votes)
Depends (feel free to expand).
16.32% (31 votes)
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I can take any platform (I even have Desura installed from my Project Zomboid days) but I simply can't stand UPlay. It crashes incessantly, downloads really obscure updates incredibly slowly (I have 100 mbps internet but UPlay is routinely at 15-30 mbps) and is incredibly clunky IMO.

I use Origin and I have no major complaints. I use Steam for the most part and love it but UPlay immediately turns me off. I actually buy certain games on console as a result of UPlay (most recently Rayman Legends).

Anyone else feel this way?
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#2NicodimusPosted 3/10/2014 2:00:33 PM
Never heard of it, so I don't know how to vote.
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#3not_really_15Posted 3/10/2014 2:01:29 PM
not really a dealbreaker, but annoying to deal with
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#4Orestes417Posted 3/10/2014 2:03:29 PM
Nope. Never seen it crash and TBH rarely see it at all since the only three games I have that use it are FC3, Blood Dragon and Prince of Persia.
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#5cody4783Posted 3/10/2014 2:04:13 PM
Not a deal breaker. Honestly the only issues I've had with it are activating the DLC for SC:Blacklist (Had to do it in-game, even though Uplay has an "activate DLC" button), and that it likes to bug out with Steam and not track playtime/allow the Steam overlay.
#6TheC0ndemnedOnePosted 3/10/2014 2:05:59 PM
No, but I get them on Steam. I like having games tied to my Steam account, so I'll pass up deals on the Uplay-only versions sometimes because I plan to get them on Steam.
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#7Orestes417Posted 3/10/2014 2:07:43 PM
I'd do the opposite because the idea of chainloading launchers is grating.
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#8DV8ingSourcesPosted 3/10/2014 2:14:31 PM
Orestes417 posted...
I'd do the opposite because the idea of chainloading launchers is grating.

Yeah I can see some people hating that but I don't mind. I like that I can have one main library in steam and not have to look at different platforms to see all my games. I also just see Uplay as an achievement/unlockable platform rather than a launcher. Running a Uplay game via steam requires no further input aside from clicking play in steam. Takes a few seconds but it launches automatically so its hardly a bother. I suppose you need to exit the launcher after playing but its only 1 button on controller or via mouse.

I'm indifferent. I'd rather it not exist but it doesn't get in my way enough for me to cry.
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#9LoshadtPosted 3/10/2014 2:17:28 PM
It's pretty much a dealbreaker. I don't know why Ubisoft is intent on forcing it, the last thing we need is MORE clients.
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#10Silent Sniper IVPosted 3/10/2014 2:19:32 PM
Literally worse than GFWL imo. The last game I tried to play on uplay was blacklist, and after chain patching, (and launching once, then patching 3 more times) it bugged on the launcher and won't run. I checked the tech support forums and plenty of people had the issue, no fix in sight. Apparently the steam version (that launches from uplay anyway) has no such issues. Before blacklist I had uplay eat my saves on farcry, and on blood dragon the service went down one weekend and it took me like 45 seconds to load every time I wanted to use the main menu because it tries to load uplay stats or whatever. Uplay is the absolute worst.
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