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What games to put on my SSD?

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1 year ago#1
My new laptop is coming in tomorrow so I'm trying to figure out what games to throw on the limited SSD space I have (think about 60GB free after OS). Here are some of the games I have or may plan on playing a lot. I'm not sure which games will benefit the most and which really won't make any difference.

New Vegas
Civilization 5
Final Fantasy XIV
Command and Conquer collection (I can pick and choose if necessary)
South Park: SoT
World of Warcraft (if I don't decide to try out FFXIV)
Diablo 3 (Maybe)

Any of these games benefit a lot from the SSD, or are a waste of space installing to? I'm leaning towards Skyrim and NV, but maybe I'll just put my MMO on it? Advice?
1 year ago#2
I was one of the unlucky people where D3 would skip on my HDD. I read about that they got rid of their stutter issues by using an SSD (Performs better on flash memory for whatever reason). In hindsight it sucks that I was forced to purchase a new piece of hardware just to play the game without hitch (Due to technical error, not tech limitation) but I really do enjoy D3. So uh....I would go with that unless you know it runs fine on your HDD. On a side note though, I don't regret getting the SSD [originally] just for D3 because I have my OS and a couple MMOs on the SSD and I am extremely impressed with performance.

Aside from that, I'd suggest the MMOs you listed (Whichever one you will play more, because you won't be able to fit more than one of them on there) or the RTS games. I feel those genres would benefit the most from quicker load times.
1 year ago#3
you can fit skyrim,ff14 and d3 on it and still have space to spare
1 year ago#4
Civ V for sure... just because why wouldn't you?
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Harlan Ellison
1 year ago#5
lost_within posted...
Civ V for sure... just because why wouldn't you?

Because it doesn't help. The long load times aren't from reading data, it's from generating terrain and calculating NPC moves
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1 year ago#6
So Civilization V doesn't benefit from an SSD much? I figured it wouldn't help between turns so much, but does it help when booting the game (which seems to take forever) and loading the actual game once you define settings (which doesn't take too long, but could be faster?)
1 year ago#7
Skyrim on a SSD sucks. It loads too fast for anyone to be able to read the tips.

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1 year ago#8
I don't think I've ever been able to stop playing a game until it was over once I started, SSD or HDD made no difference with the first 'load' of the game though. OCing my processor did make a big difference, however.

If you make a habit of exiting and reloading games you've already started then yeah, it'll load those 3-5x as fast, I get the feeling that doesn't take very long in the first place though. The games that benefit most are games where streaming loading is used (to minimize pop-in or completely missing textures, mmos are the biggest example I can think of) and games where loading first gives you an advantage (Battlefield).
Every time I try to go where I really wanna be it's already where I am, 'cuz I'm already there
XBL, PSN, Steam, Origin, BSN, GFAQs, MC: PhilOnDez
1 year ago#9
Cool. Skyrim and my MMO it is then. Thanks for the advice!
1 year ago#10
I've got D3 on an SSD, I don't see the point in doing it. (I did it just to see if I could move my install from one drive to another easily - you can!) It's not noticeable.
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