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I died a little today. My kids want a PS4 and not my old PC.

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2 years ago#62
Mangorush5 posted...
Cade6669 posted...
They won't listen to reason. I tell them my old machine is better graphically than the PS4 and we could share a huge library of games on Steam with family sharing but all they care about is Skylanders. I thought they were raised better than this, I can't even look at them.

They probably know what's more fun than you do since gaming on pc isn't really all that great or all that fun, take your fanboy glasses off and open your eyes for once and stop forcing them on what you like instead.

I'm not at all against console gaming. Love my Wii U and used to have 360. However, saying PC gaming isn't fun is just silly. I just had the most fun in a while playing Day Z with friends.
2 years ago#63
32x2z posted...
Spank them, put tabasco sauce in their mouth, and them give them a cold shower till they change their mind. Do these things 3 times a day.
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2 years ago#64
I am a 14 year old kid,I don't ask for anything to my parents because they give what I want before I ask for it.
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2 years ago#65
What a great parent who can't respect their children's own preferences.

It's not good to give a child the absolute best right off the bat.

What we do with my one friend's kid, we had him play some NES/SNES/Sega games, then pushed him to PS2, then to Xbox360/PS3.

Don't give them the best game experience, they'll become entitled like most gamers are these days and won't appreciate anything.
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2 years ago#66
HAHAHA!!! Questioning your raising skills for a gaming machine. Priceless!
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2 years ago#67
Look at it this way, at least they didn't ask for an Xbone or Wii U.
2 years ago#68
Your kid is weak against peer pressure, I wouldnt be surprised if he is also doing illegal drugs. - Taylor Swift: Queen of Pop.
2 years ago#69
Buy a ps4, run Crysis 3 on pc side by side. Watch them make the right decision.
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2 years ago#70
Just be a good parent and buy them a PS4 and Skylanders.
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  3. I died a little today. My kids want a PS4 and not my old PC.

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