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Titanfall, Thief, and LoS 2 and the state of high end $59.99 AAA game reviews

#21Raven2827Posted 3/17/2014 5:42:56 PM
LOS2 and Thief were both disappointing to me. Thief more so, because it's like the developers pulled a Peter Moleneux [sp?]. Promised something and i expected them to deliver, but then delivered an experience that kind of sucked. Character movement was good in thief though.
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#22steveboblarryPosted 3/17/2014 5:44:00 PM
I enjoyed thief and los2
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#23Nineteen99Posted 3/17/2014 6:01:31 PM

No one cares.
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#24hungry_zealotPosted 3/17/2014 7:19:16 PM
You do know that titanfall got like an 8.9 from IGN right? You're talking like it's GTA IV all over again and it's getting all perfect scores everywhere.

And what is your problem with the game anyhow? It's fun. That's all that matters. Sure it could have mode modes and more content, but what's there is still fun as heck.
#25SnipeStarPosted 3/17/2014 7:43:36 PM
reincarnator07 posted...
If you can't be bothered to write your thoughts down properly, I can't be bothered to read them.

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#26NeninaPosted 3/17/2014 8:01:09 PM
hungry_zealot posted...
And what is your problem with the game anyhow?

Titanfall is too mainstream.
#27Bazooka_PenguinPosted 3/17/2014 8:04:53 PM
Honestly Titanfall is one of the best games I've played in a long time. It's just fun, pure fun.
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#28Teh_Dr_PhilPosted 3/18/2014 12:03:43 AM
Jprime666 posted...
MortalDanger posted...
Somebody's drunk

#29ein311Posted 3/18/2014 12:27:36 AM
Bazooka_Penguin posted...
It's just fun, pure fun.

Yep. And as long as a game is fun, then it's doing its job.
You can be absolutely terrible at Titanfall (like I am) and still have a ridiculous amount of fun playing it.
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#30AllmatteredPosted 3/18/2014 12:46:50 AM
TC is the very epitome of a EA bandwagon hater