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What's the best Videocard you've ever owned?

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1 year ago#31
8800 GTX in SLI
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1 year ago#32
For me, the 8800GT. That thing was phenomenal for the cost.
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1 year ago#33
I'm on a laptop with a GTX 660m, its equal to a GTX 650 2gb. Runs most games on high so its decent enough. Haven't owned a gaming computer in a while before that, but I remember having an old GeForce (Ti-something I think) with 64mb of VRAM that I thought was a BEAST in 2000. Unfortunately that was when hardware aged really really fast- anything made 2004 on doesn't work too well from what I remember.
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1 year ago#34
gtx 760
1 year ago#35
My 780 TI.
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1 year ago#36
The best I ever owned would be my nvidia 7900gt. Lasted me 6 years before it died.

Before that I had a nvidia 440ti or something that I upgraded to from a voodoo 3.

My current card, an amd 6850, is nice, but I didn't feel the awesome power from upgrading as the other two.
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1 year ago#37
R9 290 is suiting me pretty well
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1 year ago#38
7600GT. Kept using that thing for so much longer than I should have since I couldn't afford anything else, but it's what got me into PC gaming. I actually still have it somewhere.
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1 year ago#39
my current 4gb 680s
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1 year ago#40
Definitely my 8800 GTS (G80). Bought in summer 2007, lasted me many years.
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